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Various Disciplines

Baton twirling has a number of Disciplines incorporated into the sport, the variety in disciplines means that athletes with different strength and interests can all get involved.  There is Baton Twirling, Majorettes, Pom Dance, Dance and Acro.
Our competitions in Wales have events in most of these disciplines and our international affiliations allow us entry into international competitions in Baton Twirling, Majorettes and Pom Dance.

Baton Twirling

Baton Twirling combines the body work and creative artistry with the skills of dance, flexibility  and acro combined with the manipulation of a metal baton into choreographed routines.  Baton Twirling can involve a single baton, two batons or three batons.  Events include solo events, pairs, teams and large teams or corps.

Baton Twirling is an exciting artist fun sport for all children and young people to get involved in.  It start with foundation level which is an introductory programme aimed at children aged 4-6.  They can then grow with the sport and undertake grades in the Gwyn and Gwerdd bands, which have accompanying set routines to really help embed the new skills.

There are some video's available below for those children who wish to make a start.  The best way to access training is through a local club.  Please contact us for details of clubs in your areas.


Majorettes is similar to Baton Twirling but instead of twirling multiple batons Majorettes incorporate using a series of props to emphasize story telling and imagery.  Majorettes also has a number of marching based team events.

Majorettes is a fun and team based sport that develops timing and co-ordination.  Aswell as the ability to tell a story through the use of dance and props.

Below are a couple of videos explaining the basics of marching and also some examples of show-twirl entries in the 2019 European majorette championships.

Pom Dance

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