Membership 2020

Membership year runs 1st Feb 2020-31st January 2021. 

2020 Fees due 1st February 2020

There are three levels of membership:

Full Membership

Cost £30 per person


* Discounted Entry Fees

* Discounted Seminar Fees

* Discounted Levels Fees

* Ability to enter selections events to represent Wales (Subject to eligibility criteria)

* Full members must attend at least 3 NBTA Cymru competitions in a competition year.

Guest Membership

* Eligible to enter all events with the exception of selection event.  Athlete may not put themselves forward for selections without upgrading to full  membership.

* Full fees payable on entries, seminars and levels.

International Membership

* Cost £100 per person

* Eligibility to enter selections, without the requirement to attend 3 competitions per year.

Selection events must still be completed.

Membership Form 

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